Foundations of Discipleship

Join us beginning the week of February 19th for Foundations of Discipleship. This series of studies are designed for the whole family to cover the fundementals of our faith.  There will be several times and locations to fit your schedule and all of the content will be the same for each scheduled time slot, so no need to worry about missing out.  Also remember that after each 5 week segment that there will be 4 weeks of a break so as not to overload anyone. So for the Foundations of Discipleship we will cover:

GLORIFY God in Worship (beginning the week of February 19th)

Week 1 – Who We Worship: Attributes of God

Week 2 – How We Worship: Regulative Principle 

Week 3 – Everyday Worship: Private and Family Worship

Week 4 – When We Worship: The Lord’s Day

Week 5 – Center of Worship: The Function of the Church

GROW as a Disciple of Christ (beginning the week of April 23rd)

Week 1 – Learn about God: How to Study the Scriptures

Week 2 – Obey God: How to Apply the Scriptures

Week 3 – Speaking with God: Prayer

Week 4 – Following God: Sanctification

Week 5 – Fellowship with the People of God

GIVE in Service and Stewardship (beginning the week of June 25th)

Week 1 – Focus of Service: Glory to God

Week 2 – Method of Service: Philosophy of Ministry

Week 3 – Types of Service: Spiritual Gifts/Differing parts of body

Week 4 – Gift of Stewardship

Week 5 – Where Service and Stewardship Meet: Giving

GO Share the Gospel (beginning the week of August 27th)

Week 1 – What is the Gospel?

Week 2 – How to share the Gospel: Evangelism

Week 3 – Defend the Gospel: Apologetics

Week 4 – Spread the Gospel: Missions

Week 5 – The Success of the Gospel

We are very excited about this discipleship course. If we as the Body of Christ can grow in these these areas  together we will have a good foundation of continued discipleship in the next years to come.

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